The Stabicore is the newest Core Stability-trainer to use in your gym or at home! The Stabicore is developed for motion-/ positionspecialists, physiotherapists and (personal) trainers in the area of rehabilitation, sports and movement. Use the Stabicore on a practicepad, gymball, Bosu-ball or in a Pulley and experience the diversity of exercises.
- Increases the concentration;
- Intensive perception of exercises;
- Increases the awareness of moving and the position of the human body;
- Great trainingresult, eventough you use low weights;
- So many variation of exercises, only combined with the Stabicore;
The Stabicore indicates itself by its simplicity and its easy use. Because of this, the individual sportsman or patient can start right away after a instruction from the therapist or trainer! 
The length of the Stabicore is 133 cm; it is been deliverd with for steel balls. 
By using one or more balls, variation can be brought in different kinds of training-stimulus, inoculated on balance and/or stability and stamina. So… you can offer a stable or erratic exercise. You can divide the weight proportional or just on one side. The fact that you can do this in the blink of an eye, makes the Stabicore so unique and versatile in use! 
Balance and stability are “new” motorial skills, which are on the march on behalf of Core Stability. Core Stability-training forms, together with power- and technique-training  the base of the gym. Core Stability was initially used by top-class sportsmen  and the physiotherapy, later on it was used by everyone else who gives and receives the Core Stability training. We do have three specific target groups: 
The older people (not only the sporting!). Because of the fact that we’re getting older, being and staying vital is very important. Mobility and fall-prevention are also a very important. By training and challenging the body, we stay mobile. The Stabicore offers a very big plus in this process.
The Stabicore is a product that is not to be underestimated in combination with motion-education. The beginning (young) sportsman is helped by a good balance and stability. They create a basis for the future, on which everything is build on. 
Physiotherapy embraced Core Stability a long time ago. With help of the Stabicore, exercising while rehabilitation will be so much more fun, more effective and more defiant. Not only for the patient, but also for the physiotherapist. Discover the big amount of variations you can take out of the Stabicore!